Ute Council Tree Pow Wow

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Ute Council Tree Pow Wow

Ute Council Tree Pow Wow

City of Delta, Colorado Council on the Arts, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Southern Ute Tribe, Northern Ute Tribe and Delta County Tourism

Delta Colorado

2009-09-18 00:00

2009-09-20 00:00

September 18, 19 and 20

In 1992, a dream was beginning to develop in Delta, Colorado. Over 100 years ago the Delta area was the homeland of the Ute Indian people. The 200 year old "Ute Council Tree", a historical meeting place of the Ute Tribes, is still standing just across the Gunnison River from the current site of the Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival, in Confluence Park. The dream was to develop a celebration of the Ute Culture and the present-day multi-culture of Delta, bring them together and learn about each others lifestyle Hence our motto..."Experiencing Cultural Traditions!" The Delta City Council approved the project and the three Ute Tribes: Northern Ute, Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute, agreed to work with the City in the development of this cultural event. This was a very historic occasion. The three Ute Tribes had not worked together on any project since leaving the Delta area over 100 years earlier. 1999 saw a continuation of the coming together of the three Ute Tribes, as for the first time since leaving the Delta area, the three Tribal Councils had a joint meeting in Delta. The 1996 Pow Wow saw the beginning of the Ute Nation celebrating and sharing their culture with other Indian tribes as well as the non-Indian people in attendance. On Friday of each year the Ute Nation does a "Celebration of the Ute Nation Day." Presentations on dancing, history, Ute traditions and of course, everyone participating in the Ute Bear Dance. This presentation is free for the school children of all ages from around the region. As many as 5,000 children take part each year. Friday night is the beginning of the dancing and singing competition. Participants from many states and several different Indian tribes have been in attendance. The dancing and singing contest continue through Sunday afternoon. The festival attendee can also have the experience of 50 American Indians artisans selling and displaying their works of art. American Indian food can also be enjoyed. Each year Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival has grown in attendance as well as in venues. The Ute artisans now teach a hands-on experience for children in the Children's Cultural Center. Each child has the opportunity to do American Indian arts, such as painting pottery, beading and more. Adults have the opportunity to learn about Ute culture at presentations in the Adult Cultural Center. A Tipi Village is constructed and guided tours are given, if you chose you may do a self-guided tour as well. All of these different activities going on at the same time take a very large staff. Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival is blessed with the assistance of over 400 volunteers that help produce this event. Many of the volunteers have been with Pow Wow for thirteen years. Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival is very honored to be able to make it possible for all nations to work as one, for the broadening of cultural knowledge and the coming together of everyone from everywhere. Children's Cultural Center On Saturday of the event we have a Children's Cultural Center where the children have an opportunity to work with the Ute Artisans in making an American Indian craft for their keepsake. They get to make medicine bags, beaded necklaces or paint pottery. This activity is free with the price of admissions. They do need to register with a parent before the activities start. Tipi Village During the Festival the Tipi Village will be offering Guided and Self-guided Tours. Learn about Tipi Etiquette, how to enter a Tipi and other Cultural information concerning Tipi's. There will be a constructing demonstration, check the schedule of that activity at the Tipi Village. Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival will also be having a Parade on Saturday. The Parade takes place at Confluence Park.

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